Why we support Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is a pro-kids leader who will bring a parent's perspective to the School Board. A mother with two daughters in public schools, Anderson also serves as regional director for Children Now, a non-profit, which advocates for better education and healthcare for children. Anderson has deep roots in the 4th District and broad experience working with local officials and communities. A former UCLA student body president, she is an elected member of the Mar Vista Community Council and former President of the Hilltop Neighbors Association, and was once a staffer for Congressman Henry Waxman. Anderson is running "to make sure parents have a role in their children's education, teachers have all the resources they need to be successful and our kids have the opportunities they deserve for their futures."

District 4 Priorities

  • Make sure any new tax dollars from Prop 30 are spent as they were promised and go to bring back programs like art and PE.
  • Cut bureaucracy and waste downtown and make sure that local schools get their fair share of resources.
  • Improve vocational job training so students have more practical job skills when they graduate.
  • Create more after school programs that prepare youth for jobs and keep them out of trouble.
  • Stand up to special interest groups that make it impossible to remove poorly performing teachers.